Report on Global Rights 2022


Versione inglese del Rapporto sui diritti globali 2022

Edited by Associazione Società Informazione, promoted by Fight Impunity, with the participation of ETUC



The Report on Global Rights – State of Impunity in the World is an annual publication on the issues posed by globalisation and its repercussions, under various economic, social, geopolitical and environmental proles. It is conceived and edited by the non-profit Società INformazione Onlus Association, with the participation of the European Trade Union Confederation.
From 2020, the Report is also published in English. It focuses on human rights and the fight against impunity, in collaboration with Fight Impunity (Association Against Impunity and for Transitional Justice), which promotes the volume.
The picture that emerges from the 2022 edition, the twentieth since the launch of the Report and of the Global Rights Project, is that of a world that is changing rapidly and dramatically, with the daily escalation of the war in Ukraine. This conflict – the Russian Federation being primarily responsible with its territorial aggression – is one that the West, the United States and the European Union in particular, have been unable and unwilling to prevent, curb, mediate and stop, endorsing the dangerous strategy of NATO enlargement along the Russian borders and at times favouring the rise in tension and the concrete risks of further escalation.
Like all wars, including the many others that are hidden and forgotten, also in Ukraine there have been crimes and human rights violations in the territories directly affected. At the same time, however, this war has helped to conceal and ‘normalise’ the crimes committed in many other parts of the world, and has worsened and rendered even more vulnerability the state of democracy and law everywhere.
Economic crisis, social crisis, pandemic/syndemic crisis and climate crisis, already intertwined and interdependent, are now aggravated by the crisis in geopolitical balances and in the global order, by a war taking place in Europe which is fuelling, multiplying and spreading new imbalances: energy crises, crises of global supply chains, food crises, ination crises, risks of recession and debt crises, as well as renewed and extended damage to democratic systems, the rule of law and human rights. The systemic crisis is indeed a system of crisis.

PREFACES Pier Antonio Panzeri e Luca Visentini


CONTRIBUTIONS Kristen Anna, Maria Arena, José Miguel Arrugaeta, Orsola Casagrande, Ro- berto Ciccarelli, Silvia Contrafatto, Giovanna Cracco, Javier El-Hage, Chantal Meloni, Manfred Nowak, Alessandro Rettori, Susanna Ronconi, Sergio Segio, Gianni Tognoni, Alberto Zoratti


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